Computational model (s) having Rebound firing as Model Concept

1 A multi-compartment model for interneurons in the dLGN (Halnes et al. 2011)
2 Ca+/HCN channel-dependent persistent activity in multiscale model of neocortex (Neymotin et al 2016)
3 CA1 pyramidal neuron (Ferguson et al. 2014)
4 Cerebellar nuclear neuron (Sudhakar et al., 2015)
5 Cerebellar Nucleus Neuron (Steuber, Schultheiss, Silver, De Schutter & Jaeger, 2010)
6 Computing with neural synchrony (Brette 2012)
7 Duration-tuned neurons from the inferior colliculus of the big brown bat (Aubie et al. 2009)
8 eLIF and mAdExp: energy-based integrate-and-fire neurons (Fardet and Levina 2020)
9 Febrile seizure-induced modifications to Ih (Chen et al 2001)
10 KV1 channel governs cerebellar output to thalamus (Ovsepian et al. 2013)
11 Lamprey spinal CPG neuron (Huss et al. 2007)
12 Low Threshold Calcium Currents in TC cells (Destexhe et al 1998)
13 Low Threshold Calcium Currents in TC cells (Destexhe et al 1998) (Brian)
14 Model of repetitive firing in Grueneberg ganglion olfactory neurons (Liu et al., 2012)
15 Norns - Neural Network Studio (Visser & Van Gils 2014)
16 Roles of subthalamic nucleus and DBS in reinforcement conflict-based decision making (Frank 2006)
17 Spiking neuron model of the basal ganglia (Humphries et al 2006)
18 Superior paraolivary nucleus neuron (Kopp-Scheinpflug et al. 2011)
19 Thalamic neuron, zebra finch DLM: Integration of pallidal and cortical inputs (Goldberg et al. 2012)
20 Thalamocortical Relay cell under current clamp in high-conductance state (Zeldenrust et al 2018)