Computational model (s) having I L high threshold as Model Currents

81 Calcium response prediction in the striatal spines depending on input timing (Nakano et al. 2013)
82 Calcium spikes in basal dendrites (Kampa and Stuart 2006)
83 Calcium waves and mGluR-dependent synaptic plasticity in CA1 pyr. neurons (Ashhad & Narayanan 2013)
84 Cardiac Atrial Cell (Courtemanche et al 1998)
85 Cardiac Atrial Cell (Courtemanche et al 1998) (C++)
86 Cell signaling/ion channel variability effects on neuronal response (Anderson, Makadia, et al. 2015)
87 Cerebellar granular layer (Maex and De Schutter 1998)
88 Changes of ionic concentrations during seizure transitions (Gentiletti et al. 2016)
89 Channel density variability among CA1 neurons (Migliore et al. 2018)
90 CN bushy, stellate neurons (Rothman, Manis 2003)
91 CN bushy, stellate neurons (Rothman, Manis 2003) (Brian 2)
92 CN bushy, stellate neurons (Rothman, Manis 2003) (Brian)
93 Collection of simulated data from a thalamocortical network model (Glabska, Chintaluri, Wojcik 2017)
94 Compartmentalization of GABAergic inhibition by dendritic spines (Chiu et al. 2013)
95 Complex CA1-neuron to study AP initiation (Wimmer et al. 2010)
96 Computational model of bladder small DRG neuron soma (Mandge & Manchanda 2018)
97 Computational modeling of ultrasonic Subthalamic Nucleus stimulation (Tarnaud et al 2019)
98 Computer models of corticospinal neurons replicate in vitro dynamics (Neymotin et al. 2017)
99 Conductance-based model of rodent thoracic sympathetic postganglionic neuron (McKinnon et al 2019)
100 Cortex-Basal Ganglia-Thalamus network model (Kumaravelu et al. 2016)
101 Cortical Basal Ganglia Network Model during Closed-loop DBS (Fleming et al 2020)
102 Deconstruction of cortical evoked potentials generated by subthalamic DBS (Kumaravelu et al 2018)
103 Dendritic L-type Ca currents in motoneurons (Carlin et al 2000)
104 Dendritic processing of excitatory synaptic input in GnRH neurons (Roberts et al. 2006)
105 Dendritica (Vetter et al 2001)
106 Dentate granule cell: mAHP & sAHP; SK & Kv7/M channels (Mateos-Aparicio et al., 2014)
107 Dentate gyrus granule cell: calcium and calcium-dependent conductances (Aradi and Holmes 1999)
108 Dentate gyrus network model (Santhakumar et al 2005)
109 Dentate gyrus network model (Tejada et al 2014)
110 Determinants of the intracellular and extracellular waveforms in DA neurons (Lopez-Jury et al 2018)
111 Differential modulation of pattern and rate in a dopamine neuron model (Canavier and Landry 2006)
112 Discharge hysteresis in motoneurons (Powers & Heckman 2015)
113 Discrimination on behavioral time-scales mediated by reaction-diffusion in dendrites (Bhalla 2017)
114 Double cable myelinated axon (Layer 5 pyramidal neuron; Cohen et al 2020)
115 Dynamic cortical interlaminar interactions (Carracedo et al. 2013)
116 Dynamical assessment of ion channels during in vivo-like states (Guet-McCreight & Skinner 2020)
117 Dynamical model of olfactory bulb mitral cell (Rubin, Cleland 2006)
118 Effects of Acetyl-L-carnitine on neural transmission (Lombardo et al 2004)
119 Effects of Dopamine Modulation and KIR Inactivation in NAc Medium Spiny Neurons (Steephen 2011)
120 Effects of KIR current inactivation in NAc Medium Spiny Neurons (Steephen and Manchanda 2009)