Computational model (s) having Nicola, Wilten [wnicola at] as Implemented by

1 Impact of Small Time Delays on the Onset of Oscillations and Synchrony (Al-Darabsah et al 2021)
2 Astrocyte and Blood Vessel Calcium Imaging Tracking code (Haidey et al 2021)
3 Mean Field Equations for Two-Dimensional Integrate and Fire Models (Nicola and Campbell, 2013)
4 Mean-field systems and small scale neural networks (Ferguson et al. 2015)
5 SHOT-CA3, RO-CA1 Training, & Simulation CODE in models of hippocampal replay (Nicola & Clopath 2019)
6 Supervised learning in spiking neural networks with FORCE training (Nicola & Clopath 2017)
7 Wilson-Cowan Network with Homeostatic Plasticity (Nicola and Campbell 2021)