Computational model (s) having Brette R as Implemented by

1 A model of neuronal bursting using three coupled first order diff. eqs. (Hindmarsh & Rose 1984)
2 A threshold equation for action potential initiation (Platkiewicz & Brette 2010)
3 Adaptive exponential integrate-and-fire model (Brette & Gerstner 2005)
4 Brette-Gerstner model (Touboul and Brette 2008)
5 CN bushy, stellate neurons (Rothman, Manis 2003) (Brian)
6 Computing with neural synchrony (Brette 2012)
7 High-Res. Recordings Using a Real-Time Computational Model of the Electrode (Brette et al. 2008)
8 Late emergence of the whisker direction selectivity map in rat barrel cortex (Kremer et al. 2011)
9 Low Threshold Calcium Currents in TC cells (Destexhe et al 1998) (Brian)
10 Networks of spiking neurons: a review of tools and strategies (Brette et al. 2007)
11 Phase locking in leaky integrate-and-fire model (Brette 2004)
12 Reliability of spike timing is a general property of spiking model neurons (Brette & Guigon 2003)
13 Sensitivity of noisy neurons to coincident inputs (Rossant et al. 2011)
14 Sharpness of spike initiation in neurons explained by compartmentalization (Brette 2013)
15 STDP and oscillations produce phase-locking (Muller et al. 2011)
16 Theory of arachnid prey localization (Sturzl et al. 2000)
17 Time-warp-invariant neuronal processing (Gutig & Sompolinsky 2009)
18 Vectorized algorithms for spiking neural network simulation (Brette and Goodman 2011)