Computational model (s) having Mouse as Species

1 Acetylcholine-modulated plasticity in reward-driven navigation (Zannone et al 2018)
2 CA1 network model for place cell dynamics (Turi et al 2019)
3 Compartmental differences in cAMP signaling pathways in hippocam. CA1 pyr. cells (Luczak et al 2017)
4 L4 cortical barrel NN model receiving thalamic input during whisking or touch (Gutnisky et al. 2017)
5 Model for concentration invariant odor coding based on primacy hypothesis (Wilson et al 2017)
6 Role of the AIS in the control of spontaneous frequency of dopaminergic neurons (Meza et al 2017)
7 The Virtual Mouse Brain (TVMB) (Melozzi et al. 2017)