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41 Cochlear nucleus tuberculoventral cells
42 Crayfish identified nonspiking interneuron
43 Crayfish motor neuron
44 Dentate gyrus basket cell
45 Dentate gyrus hilar cell
46 Dentate gyrus HIPP cell
47 Dentate gyrus MOPP cell
48 Dentate gyrus mossy cell
49 Depressor scutorum rostralis muscle cell
50 Dopamine neuron of vlPAG/DRN
51 Dopaminergic substantia nigra neuron
52 Dorsal Root Ganglion (DRG) cell
53 Dorsal Root Ganglion cell: cold sensing
54 Dorsal Root Ganglion cell: Spinal cord muscle spindle type Ia sensory fiber
55 Dorsal Root Ganglion cell: Spinal cord muscle spindle type II sensory fiber
56 Drosophila antennal lobe DM1 projection neuron
57 Drosophila dendritic arborization neurons
58 Drosophila ventral lateral neuron (LNV)
59 Earthworm medial giant fiber
60 Electric fish midbrain torus semicircularis neuron
61 Electric fish P- and T-type primary afferent fibers
62 ELL Medium Ganglion cell
63 ELL pyramidal cell
64 Entorhinal cortex fast-spiking interneuron
65 Entorhinal cortex pyramidal cell
66 Entorhinal cortex stellate cell
67 Fly lamina neuron
68 Fly lobula plate T4 neuron
69 Fly lobular plate vertical system cell
70 Fly medulla neuron
71 Fly vertical system tangential cell
72 Gastrointestinal tract intrinsic sensory neuron
73 Globus pallidus neuron
74 GnRH neuron
75 Grueneberg ganglion neuron
76 Heart cell
77 Helix pacemaker bursting neuron (RPa1)
78 Hermissenda photoreceptor Type A
79 Hermissenda photoreceptor Type B
80 Hippocampal CA1 CR/VIP cell