Neuronal Currents
  • Hippocampus CA1 pyramidal GLU cell Show Other
  • Cells were voltage-clamped using a single microelectrode, at 23-30 degrees C. M-current resembled that of sympathetic ganglion cells. It was abolished by addition of carbachol, muscarine or bethanechol, as well as by 1 mM barium. It was suggested that activation of cholinergic septal inputs to the hippocampus facilitates repetitive firing of pyramidal cells by turning off the M-conductance, without much change in the resting potential of the cell Show Other
  • It was was blocked by linopirdine in a reversible, concentration-dependent manner Show Other
  • and by cholinergic agonists in slices Show Other
  • Serotonin produced a slowly developing and long-lasting suppression of IM leading to depolarization end excitation Show Other
  • It was decreased by cannabinoids Show Other
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