Neuronal Currents
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  • The properties of voltage-gated potassium currents were studied in acutely isolated rat cells from area CA1 and CA3 at postnatal ages of day 6-8, 9-14, and 26-29 (P6-8, P9-14, and P26-29) with the use of the whole cell version of the patch-clamp technique. In CA1 cells IK was blocked by TEA at +30 mV with an IC50 of 0.98 mM. In CA3 cells the corresponding IC50 value was 1.05 mM. About 20% of IK were insensitive to TEA. IK was partially blocked by approximately 30% with 100 microM 4-AP. Mast cell degranulating peptide (100-200 nM) and dendrotoxin (50-300 nM) had no effect on IK. IK was upregulated with increasing postnatal age. This increase in the expression of IK was approximately 300% much larger in CA1 cells than in CA3 cells, with only approximately 50% Show Other
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