Neuronal Currents
  • Hippocampus CA1 pyramidal GLU cell Show Other
  • A-current is reduced in the presence of amyloid-beta Show Other
  • Patch-clamp recordings reveal a high density of A-type K channels in the dendritic tree, which increases with distance from the soma Show Other
  • A shift toward more depolarized potentials of the activation curve has also been observed in mid and distal dendrites (more than 100um) Show Other
  • These channels "prevent initiation of an action potential in the dendrites, limit the backpropagation of action potentials into the dendrites, and reduce excitatory synaptic events" Show Other
  • Single action potential backpropagations show dichotomy of either strong attenuation (26-42%) or weak attenuation (71-87%). The dichotomy seems to be conferred primarily by differences in distribution, density, etc. of voltage dependent sodium and potassium channel (A-type, especially ) along the somatodendritic axis Show Other
  • CA1 neurons and subiculum neurons in hippoampus differ in firing pattern (the former being regular and the later being either regular, weakly bursting or strongly bursting) and resting membrane properties (such as input restistance and membran time constant); however, low concentration of 4-AP (50 ?M) can convert neurons in both regions into firing bursting action potentials Show Other
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