Neuronal Currents
  • Hippocampus CA1 pyramidal GLU cell Show Other
  • Na impulses may underly "fast prepotentials" that boost distal EPSPs Show Other
  • Na action potentials support backpropagating impulses Show Other
  • and can activate Ca action potentials Show Other
  • Patch recordings yield an approximate channel density of 28 pS/micron^2 in juvenile rats < 4 wks of age, rising to 61 pS/micron^2 in older rats. Channel density was similar in other dendritic compartments Show Other
  • Show Other
  • Inactivation of dendritic Na channel contributes to the attenuation of activity-dependent backpropagation of APs Show Other
  • Slow inactivation of sodium channels in dendrites and soma will modulate neuronal excitability in a way that depends in a complicated manner on the resting potential and previous history of action potential firing Show Other
  • Single action potential backpropagations show dichotomy of either strong attenuation (26-42%) or weak attenuation (71-87%). The dichotomy seems to be conferred primarily by differences in distribution, density, etc. of voltage dependent sodium and potassium channel (A-type, especially ) along the somatodendritic axis Show Other
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