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Abeta decreases dendritic spine number, causes dysmorphic spine shapes
Calabrese, B., Shaked, G. M., Tabarean, I. V., Braga, J., Koo, E. H., & Halpain, S. (2007). Rapid, concurrent alterations in pre- and postsynaptic structure induced by naturally-secreted amyloid-beta protein. Molecular and Cellular Neurosciences, 35(2), 183-193. Within 1-2 h picomolar concentrations of cell-derived, soluble Abeta cause Clusters of presynaptic vesicle markers to decrease in size and number at glutamatergic but not GABAergic terminals. Dendritic spines also decreased in number and became dysmorphic, as spine heads collapsed and/or extended long protrusions. Simultaneous time-lapse imaging of axon-dendrite pairs revealed that shrinking spines sometimes became disconnected from their presynaptic varicosity. Concomitantly, miniature synaptic potentials decreased in amplitude and frequency. Spine changes were prevented by blockers of nAChRs and NMDARs. Washout of Abeta within the first day reversed these spine changes.
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