Pathological mechanism
Abeta inhibits LTP through TNFalpha
Ligands that neutralize TNFalpha or genetic knockout of TNF-R1s (type-1 TNFalpha receptors) prevented Abeta-triggered inhibition of LTP in hippocampal slices. Similarly, antibodies to alphav-containing integrins abrogated LTP block by Abeta.Mild cognitive impairment in early AD (Alzheimer's disease) may be due to synaptic dysfunction long before widespread synaptic loss and neurodegeneration occurs. Rowan, M. J., Klyubin, I., Wang, Q., Hu, N. W., & Anwyl, R. (2007). Synaptic memory mechanisms: Alzheimer's disease amyloid beta-peptide-induced dysfunction. Biochemical Society Transactions, 35(Pt 5), 1219-1223.
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