Computational model
Tag Trigger Consolidation (Clopath and Ziegler et al. 2008)
tagtric [?]
This model simulates different phases of LTP/D, i.e. the induction or early phase, the setting of synaptic tags, a trigger process for protein synthesis, and a slow transition leading to synaptic consolidation namely the late phase of synaptic plasticity. The model explains a large body of experimental data on synaptic tagging and capture, cross-tagging, and the late phases of LTP and LTD. Moreover, the model accounts for the dependence of LTP and LTD induction on voltage and presynaptic stimulation frequency.
  • Hippocampus CA1 pyramidal GLU cell Show Other
  • Abstract integrate-and-fire adaptive exponential (AdEx) neuron Show Other
  • Clopath C, Ziegler L, Vasilaki E, Büsing L, Gerstner W (2008) Show Other
Ziegler, Lorric
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