Computational model
Complex CA1-neuron to study AP initiation (Wimmer et al. 2010)
Complex model of a pyramidal CA1-neuron, adapted from Royeck, M., et al. Role of axonal NaV1.6 sodium channels in action potential initiation of CA1 pyramidal neurons. Journal of neurophysiology 100, 2361-2380 (2008). It contains a biophysically realistic morphology comprising 265 compartments (829 segments) and 15 different distributed Ca2+- and/or voltage-dependent conductances.
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  • Wimmer VC, Reid CA, Mitchell S, Richards KL, Scaf BB, Leaw BT, Hill EL, Royeck M, Horstmann MT, Cromer BA, Davies PJ, Xu R, Lerche H, Berkovic SF, Beck H, Petrou S (2010) Show Other
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