Computational model
A contracting model of the basal ganglia (Girard et al. 2008)
Basal ganglia model : selection processes between channels, dynamics controlled by contraction analysis, rate-coding model of neurons based on locally projected dynamical systems (lPDS).
  • Neostriatum medium spiny direct pathway GABA cell Show Other
  • Thalamus geniculate nucleus/lateral principal GLU cell Show Other
  • Thalamus reticular nucleus GABA cell Show Other
  • Action Selection/Decision Making Show Other
  • Gurney K, Prescott TJ, Redgrave P (2001) Show Other
  • Prescott TJ, Montes González FM, Gurney K, Humphries MD, Redgrave P (2006) Show Other
  • Girard B, Tabareau N, Pham QC, Berthoz A, Slotine JJ (2008) Show Other
  • Girard, Benoit [girard at] Show Other
Girard, Benoit <>
Girard, B., Tabareau, N., Pham, Q.C., Berthoz, A. and Slotine, J.-J. (2008). Where neuroscience and dynamic system theory meet autonomous robotics: a contracting basal ganglia model for action selection. Neural Networks, 21(4):628-641. [doi:10.1016/j.neunet.2008.03.009]
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