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Dynamics Solver
dynamical systems solver
1/1/1992 12:00:00 AM
"Dynamics Solver solves numerically both initial-value problems and boundary-value problems for continuous and discrete dynamical systems: * a single ordinary differential equation of arbitrary order, * systems of first-order ordinary differential equations, * a rather large class of functional differential equations and systems, * discrete dynamical systems in the form iterated maps and recurrences in arbitrary dimensions. It is also able to draw complex mathematical figures, including many fractals. Dynamics Solver is a powerful tool to study differential equations, (continuous and discrete) nonlinear dynamical systems, deterministic chaos, mechanics, etc. For instance, You can draw phase space portraits (including an optional direction field), Poincaré maps, Liapunov exponents, histograms, bifurcation diagrams, attraction basins, etc. The results can be watched (in perspective or not) from any direction and particular subspaces can be analyzed. Dynamics Solver is extensible: users can add new mathematical functions and integration codes. It also has all the advantages of Windows programs including the ease of use, the ability to open simultaneously several output windows and the larger amount of memory, which allows analyzing more complex problems. Moreover, there are many ways to print and exports the results."
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