Computational model
Cardiac sarcomere dynamics (Negroni and Lascano 1996)
"A muscle model establishing the link between cross-bridge dynamics and intracellular Ca2+ kinetics was assessed by simulation of experiments performed in isolated cardiac muscle. The model is composed by the series arrangement of muscle units formed by inextensible thick and thin filaments in parallel with an elastic element. Attached cross-bridges act as independent force generators whose force is linearly related to the elongation of their elastic structure. Ca2+ kinetics is described by a four-state system of sites on the thin filament associated with troponin C: sites with free troponin C (T), sites with Ca2+ bound to troponin C (TCa); sites with Ca2+ bound to troponin C and attached cross-bridges (TCa*); and sites with troponin C not associated with Ca2+ and attached cross-bridges (T*). The intracellular Ca2+ concentration ([Ca2+]) is controlled solely by the sarcoplasmic reticulum through an inflow function and a saturated outflow pump function. ..."
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