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Generic Bi-directional Real-time Neural Interface (Zrenner et al. 2010)
Matlab/Simulink toolkit for generic multi-channel short-latency bi-directional neural-computer interactions. High-bandwidth (> 10 megabit per second) neural recording data can be analyzed in real-time while simultaneously generating specific complex electrical stimulation feedback with deterministically timed responses at sub-millisecond resolution. The commercially available 60-channel extracellular multi-electrode recording and stimulation set-up (Multichannelsystems GmbH MEA60) is used as an example hardware implementation.
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  • Zrenner CD, Eytan D, Wallach A, Thier HP, Marom S (2010) Show Other
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cortical culture
Zrenner, Christoph <>
Zrenner, C., Eytan, D., Wallach, A., Thier H.-P., Marom, S. (2010) A generic framework for real-time multi-channel neuronal signal analysis, telemetry control and sub-millisecond latency feedback generation. Front. Neurosci.
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