Computational model
Modeling local field potentials (Bedard et al. 2004)
LFP [23908]
This demo simulates a model of local field potentials (LFP) with variable resistivity. This model reproduces the low-pass frequency filtering properties of extracellular potentials. The model considers inhomogeneous spatial profiles of conductivity and permittivity, which result from the multiple media (fluids, membranes, vessels, ...) composing the extracellular space around neurons. Including non-constant profiles of conductivity enables the model to display frequency filtering properties, ie slow events such as EPSPs/IPSPs are less attenuated than fast events such as action potentials. The demo simulates Fig 6 of the paper.
  • Bédard C, Kröger H, Destexhe A (2004) Show Other
  • Destexhe, Alain [Destexhe at] Show Other
Extracellular current
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