Neuronal Currents
  • Hippocampus CA3 pyramidal GLU cell Show Other
  • In cell-attached patch-clamp recordings from the soma in guinea pig hippocampal slices, L-currents were found in 34% of the patches and found to have single channel conductances of 23-27 pS Show Other
  • Show Other
  • Whole cell recording experiments have revealed a sustained, partially nimodipine-sensitve current in steps to -50mV, suggesting that they play a role in CA2+ signalling at low voltages as well as a their classical high voltages Show Other
  • It has been suggested that voltage-gated calcium channels play a role in LTP Show Other
  • and it has been shown that nimodipine (an L-channel antagonist) prevents certain mossy fiber LTP-types from taking place Show Other
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