Computational model
Basal ganglia-corticothalamic (BGCT) network (Chen et al., 2014)
ChenEtAl2014 [3468273]
We developed a biophysical model of the basal ganglia-corticothalamic network in this work. "... We demonstrate that the typical absence seizure activities can be controlled and modulated by the direct GABAergic projections from the substantia nigra pars reticulata (SNr) to either the thalamic reticular nucleus (TRN) or the specific relay nuclei (SRN) of thalamus, through different biophysical mechanisms. ... results highlight the bidirectional functional roles of basal ganglia in controlling and modulating absence seizures, and might provide novel insights into the therapeutic treatments of this brain disorder."
  • Chen M, Guo D, Wang T, Jing W, Xia Y, Xu P, Luo C, Valdes-Sosa PA, Yao D (2014) Show Other
  • Chen M, Guo D, Li M, Ma T, Wu S, Ma J, Cui Y, Xia Y, Xu P, Yao D (2015) Show Other
  • Guo, Daqing [dqguo at] Show Other
Guo Daqing(
Bidirectional Control of Absence Seizures by the Basal Ganglia: A Computational Evidence (PLoS Computational Biology, 2014)
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