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Temperature-Dependent Pyloric Pacemaker Kernel (Caplan JS et al., 2014)
"... Here we demonstrate that biophysical models of channel noise can give rise to two kinds of recently discovered stochastic facilitation effects in a Hodgkin-Huxley-like model of auditory brainstem neurons. The first, known as slope-based stochastic resonance (SBSR), enables phasic neurons to emit action potentials that can encode the slope of inputs that vary slowly relative to key time constants in the model. The second, known as inverse stochastic resonance (ISR), occurs in tonically firing neurons when small levels of noise inhibit tonic firing and replace it with burstlike dynamics. ... our results show that possible associated computational benefits may occur due to channel noise in neurons of the auditory brainstem. ... "
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  • Caplan JS, Williams AH, Marder E (2014) Show Other
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Caplan, Jonathan S <>
Caplan JS, Williams AH, Marder E (submitted). Many parameter sets in a multicompartment model oscillator are robust to temperature perturbations.
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