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Neural Field Simulator (Nichols & Hutt 2012-2015)
nfSimulator_2.3.4 [1702118]
The NeuralFieldSimulator considers scalar spatially homogeneous neural fields taking into account finite axonal transmission speed and synaptic temporal derivatives of first and second order. A text-based interface offers complete control of field parameters and several approaches are used to accelerate simulations. A graphical output utilizes video hardware acceleration to display running output with reduced computational cost compared to exclusively software-based simulators. Diverse applications of simulations include breather oscillations, static and dynamic Turing patterns and activity spreading with finite propagation speed.
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Neural Field
Nichols, E., Hutt, A., 2015. Open-source numerical simulation tool for two-dimensional neural fields involving finite axonal transmission speed. International Conference on Mathematical NeuroScience, Antibes Juan-les-Pins, France. June 2015. Nichols, E., Green, K., Hutt, A., van Veen, L., 2014. Two-dimensional patterns in neural fields subject to finite transmission speed. BMC Neuroscience 15(1), p.16. Nichols, E., Hutt, A., 2014. Two-dimensional neural field simulator with parameter interface and 3D visualization. International Conference on Neural Field Theory, Reading, U.K., June 2014. Nichols, E., Hutt, A., 2013. Neural field simulator: fast computation and 3D-visualization. BMC Neuroscience 14(1), p.179.
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