Computational model
Hodgkin–Huxley model with fractional gating (Teka et al. 2016)
Wondimu Teka
TekaEtAl2016 [464891]
We use fractional order derivatives to model the kinetic dynamics of the gate variables for the potassium and sodium conductances of the Hodgkin-Huxley model. Our results show that power-law dynamics of the different gate variables result in a wide range of action potential shapes and spiking patterns, even in the case where the model was stimulated with constant current. As a consequence, power-law behaving conductances result in an increase in the number of spiking patterns a neuron can generate and, we propose, expand the computational capacity of the neuron.
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Fractional differentiator neuron
Teka W, Stockton D, Santamaria F. "Power-law dynamics of membrane conductances increase spiking diversity in a Hdgkin-Huxley model" PLoS Computational Biology, in press, 2016.
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