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The Virtual Mouse Brain (TVMB) (Melozzi et al. 2017)
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"Connectome-based modeling of large-scale brain network dynamics enables causal in silico interrogation of the brain’s structure-function relationship, necessitating the close integration of diverse neuroinformatics fields. Here we extend the open-source simulation software The Virtual Brain to whole mouse brain network modeling based on individual diffusion Magnetic Resonance Imaging (dMRI)-based or tracer-based detailed mouse connectomes. We provide practical examples on how to use The Virtual Mouse Brain to simulate brain activity, such as seizure propagation and the switching behavior of the resting state dynamics in health and disease. The Virtual Mouse Brain enables theoretically driven experimental planning and ways to test predictions in the numerous strains of mice available to study brain function in normal and pathological conditions."
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  • Melozzi F, Woodman MM, Jirsa VK, Bernard C (2017) Show Other
resting state dynamics
Melozzi et al. 2017
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