Computational model
Model of the cerebellar granular network (Sudhakar et al 2017)
Sungho Hong
"The granular layer, which mainly consists of granule and Golgi cells, is the first stage of the cerebellar cortex and processes spatiotemporal information transmitted by mossy fiber inputs with a wide variety of firing patterns. To study its dynamics at multiple time scales in response to inputs approximating real spatiotemporal patterns, we constructed a large-scale 3D network model of the granular layer. ..."
  • Sudhakar SK, Hong S, Raikov I, Publio R, Lang C, Close T, Guo D, Negrello M, De Schutter E (2017) Show Other
  • Hong, Sungho [shhong at] Show Other
  • Guo, Daqing [dqguo at] Show Other
  • Raikov, Ivan [ivan.g.raikov at] Show Other
  • Publio, Rodrigo [publio at] Show Other
  • De Schutter, Erik [erik at] Show Other
Cerebellum granule cell
Sudhakar, Shyam Kumar [shyamk at] Close, Tom [tom.close at] Lang, Claus [clauslang at] Negrello, Mario [mnegrello at]
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