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Mechanisms of extraneuronal space shrinkage (Ostby et al 2009)
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"Neuronal stimulation causes ~30% shrinkage of the extracellular space (ECS) between neurons and surrounding astrocytes in grey and white matter under experimental conditions. Despite its possible implications for a proper understanding of basic aspects of potassium clearance and astrocyte function, the phenomenon remains unexplained. Here we present a dynamic model that accounts for current experimental data related to the shrinkage phenomenon in wild-type as well as in gene knockout individuals. ... Considering the current state of knowledge, the model framework appears sufficiently detailed and constrained to guide future key experiments and pave the way for more comprehensive astroglia–neuron interaction models for normal as well as pathophysiological situations. "
  • Østby I, Øyehaug L, Einevoll GT, Nagelhus EA, Plahte E, Zeuthen T, Lloyd CM, Ottersen OP, Omholt SW (2009) Show Other
NaKATPase, I Cl,
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