Computational model
Large-scale laminar model of macaque cortex (Mejias et al 2016)
Jorge Mejias
Mejias2016_r1 [414534]
This code reproduces the large-scale cortical model with laminar structure presented in Mejias et al., Science Advances 2016. The model includes different scales (intra-laminar, inter-laminar, inter-areal and large-scale) across macaque neocortex and reproduces experimentally observed dynamics of gamma and alpha/beta oscillations across these scales. It makes use of real anatomical data from the macaque cortex. Some parts of the code require external packages or data (see readme file for details).
  • Mejias JF, Murray JD, Kennedy H, Wang XJ (2016) Show Other
  • Mejias, Jorge [j.f.mejias at] Show Other
Jorge Mejias
J. F. Mejias, J. D. Murray, H. Kennedy and X.-J Wang, Feedforward and feedback frequency-dependent interactions in a large-scale laminar network of the primate cortex, Science Advances, 2, e1601335, 2016.
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