Computational model
Double cable myelinated axon (Layer 5 pyramidal neuron; Cohen et al 2020)
Charles C.H. Cohen
The periaxonal space in myelinated axons is conductive (~50 ohm cm). Together with a rapidly charging myelin sheath and relatively sealed paranodes, periaxonal conduction shapes the saltating voltage profiles of transaxonal (Vm), transmyelin (Vmy) and transfibre (Vmym) potentials. This model exemplifies double cable saltatory conduction across both time and space, and is the same cell (#6) as seen in Movie S4 of Cohen et al. 2020. This model version allows one to visualize and manipulate the controlling parameters of a propagating action potential. Further notes: The corresponding potentials in NEURON to those named above are v, vext (or vext[0]) and v+vext, respectively. The loaded biophysical parameters were those optimized for this cell (Cohen et al. 2020).
  • Neocortex L5/6 pyramidal GLU cell Show Other
  • Cohen CCH, Popovic MA, Klooster J, Weil M, Möbius W, Nave K, Kole MHP (2020) Show Other
  • Cohen, Charles CH [c.cohen at] Show Other
  • Kole, Maarten [m.kole at] Show Other
Layer 5/6 pyramidal neuron (S1)
I Ca (LVA), I Ca (HVA), I Kv7, I Kv1
periaxonal space, myelin
Double Cable
Cohen, Charles CH [c.cohen at]
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