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Complex dynamics: reproducing Golgi cell electroresponsiveness (Geminiani et al 2018, 2019ab)
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Excerpts from three papers abstracts: "Brain neurons exhibit complex electroresponsive properties – including intrinsic subthreshold oscillations and pacemaking, resonance and phase-reset – which are thought to play a critical role in controlling neural network dynamics. Although these properties emerge from detailed representations of molecular-level mechanisms in “realistic” models, they cannot usually be generated by simplified neuronal models (although these may show spike-frequency adaptation and bursting). We report here that this whole set of properties can be generated by the extended generalized leaky integrate-and-fire (E-GLIF) neuron model. ..." "... In order to reproduce these properties in single-point neuron models, we have optimized the Extended-Generalized Leaky Integrate and Fire (E-GLIF) neuron through a multi-objective gradient-based algorithm targeting the desired input–output relationships. ..." " ... In order to investigate how single neuron dynamics and geometrical modular connectivity affect cerebellar processing, we have built an olivocerebellar Spiking Neural Network (SNN) based on a novel simplification algorithm for single point models (Extended Generalized Leaky Integrate and Fire, EGLIF) capturing essential non-linear neuronal dynamics (e.g., pacemaking, bursting, adaptation, oscillation and resonance). ..."
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  • Geminiani A, Casellato C, Locatelli F, Prestori F, Pedrocchi A, D'Angelo E (2018) Show Other
  • Geminiani A, Casellato C, D'Angelo E, Pedrocchi A (2019) Show Other
  • Geminiani A, Pedrocchi A, D'Angelo E, Casellato C (2019) Show Other
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Geminiani, Alice [alice.geminiani at]Casellato, Claudia [claudia.casellato at]
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