Computational model
Alpha rhythm in vitro visual cortex (Traub et al 2020)
Roger Traub
The paper describes an experimental model of the alpha rhythm generated by layer 4 pyramidal neurons in a visual cortex slice. The simulation model is derived from that of Traub et al. (2005) J Neurophysiol, developed for thalamocortical oscillations.
  • Thalamus geniculate nucleus/lateral principal GLU cell Show Other
  • Thalamus reticular nucleus GABA cell Show Other
  • Neocortex U1 L6 pyramidal corticalthalamic GLU cell Show Other
  • Neocortex U1 L2/6 pyramidal intratelencephalic GLU cell Show Other
  • Neocortex layer 4 pyramidal cell Show Other
  • Neocortex fast spiking (FS) interneuron Show Other
  • Neocortex spiking regular (RS) neuron Show Other
  • Neocortex spiking low threshold (LTS) neuron Show Other
  • Neocortex spiny stellate cell Show Other
  • Traub RD, Hawkins K, Adams NE, Hall SP, Simon A, Whittington MA (2020) Show Other
  • Traub, Roger D [rtraub at] Show Other
Code was written by Roger Traub in Fortran. Runs in mpi environment. The model neurons are multicompartment (soma, dendrites, axon) and have multiple ionic conductances. There are a variety of interneurons and pyramidal cells, plus spiny stellate neurons.
Nature Communications Biology (in press) Roger D. Traub*2, Karen Hawkins1, Natalie E. Adams1, Stephen P. Hall1, Anna Simon1 and Miles A Whittington1*, Layer 4 pyramidal neuron dendritic bursting underlies a post-stimulus visual cortical alpha rhythm.
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