Computational model
Synaptic vesicle fusion model (Church et al 2021)
Simon Alford
These parameter files define Cell simulations of glutamate release and receptor binding at synapses. Four basic models are included that vary, the pore diameter of a fusing vesicle from full fusion (FullFusion) to a variable sized pore from a small as 0.4nm (DelayFusion), that vary the umber of fusing vesicles (Multivesicular) or that vary the position of the fusing vesicle with the post synaptic glutamate receptors (Clustered receptors). Our work demonstrates that experimental effects on release and low affinity antagonism are well-fit by reduced release rates of glutamate from a restricted pore.
  • Church E, Hamid E, Zurawski Z, Pocoava M, Flores-Barrera E, Cabalero A, Tseng KY, Alford S (2021) Show Other
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