Computational model
Ventromedial Thalamocortical Neuron (Bichler et al 2021)
Francesco Cavarretta
"Biophysical computer modeling of a thalamic neuron demonstrated that an increase in rebound spiking can also be accounted for by a decrease in the M-type potassium current. Modeling also showed that an increase in sag with hyperpolarizing steps found after 6-OHDA treatment could in part but not fully be accounted for by the decrease in M-type current. These findings support the hypothesis that homeostatic changes in BGMT neural properties following 6-OHDA treatment likely influence the signal processing taking place in the BG thalamocortical network in Parkinson's disease."
  • Neuron or other electrically excitable cell Show Other
  • Bichler EK, Cavarretta F, Jaeger D (2021) Show Other
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