Computational model
A sensorimotor-spinal cord model (Hoshino et al. 2022)
Osamu Hoshino
MotAc7MDB2 [15840]
To elucidate how the flattening of sensory tuning due to a deficit in tonic inhibition slows motor responses, we simulated a neural network model in which a sensory cortical network (NS) and a motor cortical network (NM) are reciprocally connected, and the NM projects to spinal motoneurons (Mns). The NS was presented with a feature stimulus and the reaction time of Mns was measured. The flattening of sensory tuning in NS caused by decreasing the centration of GABA in extracellular space resulted in a decrease in the stimulus-sensitive NM pyramidal cell activity while increasing the stimulus-insensitive NM pyramidal cell activity, thereby prolonging the reaction time of Mns to the applied feature stimulus. We suggest that a reduction in extracellular GABA concentration in sensory cortex may interfere with selective activation in motor cortex, leading to slowing the activation of spinal motoneurons and therefore to slowing motor responses.
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  • Hoshino O, Zheng M, Fukuoka Y (2022) Show Other
PMID: 35695984
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