Neuronal Receptors
  • Hippocampus CA1 pyramidal GLU cell Show Other
  • The way that different parts of a neuron carry out multiple information processing roles is illustrated by the CA1 pyramidal cell in the hippocampus. The authors used 2-photon microscopy to obtain high resolution images of calcium signals in the apical dendrites while activating Schaffer collateral inputs to induce long-term potentiation (LTP) of different durations. Short-duration LTP (LTP 1) was associated with Ca increase in dendritic spines, due to activation of NMDA receptors and local ryanodine receptors (RyRs). Intermediate duration LTP (LTP 2) was associated with Ca increase in dendritic branches, due to activation of NMDA receptors and local IP3 receptors (IP3Rs). For Ca increase in long duration LTP (LTP3), see Ca channels in CA1 pyramidal cell apical dendrite. ... Show Other
  • EM showed colocalization at axodendritic asymmetric synapses within the CA1 subfield of rat hippocampus. AMPA/NMDA receptor colocalization was found in non-GABAergic dendritic shafts as well as dendritic spines, suggesting that excitatory neuronal transmission in CA1 neurons may generally involve activation of both NMDA and AMPA receptor subunits at a single synapse Show Other
  • Recordings from membrane patches of dendrites and soma reveal fast and slow responses to fast application of glutamate, mediated by AMPA and NMDA receptors, respectively Show Other
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