Neuronal Currents
  • Olfactory bulb main interneuron periglomerular GABA cell Show Other
  • Two types of PG cells can be distinguished by the presence of delayed-rectifier. R-type has DR current and shows outward rectification under current-clamp; N-type does not. A third type, X-type, has properties of both R- and N-type. Zinc modifies the A-type current, but not the delayed-rectifier type: at given voltages, it reduces A-current peak amplitude, slows its kinetics. Zinc shifts activation and inactivation toward more positive voltage. Thus, at physiological resting potential -55mV, zinc accelerates repolarization. Show Other
  • mRNA of A-channel subunit Kv4.3 is expressed predominantly in periglomerular cells. (In contrast, that of Kv4.2, also of A-channel, is expressed predominantly in granule cells) Show Other
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