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Tonic firing in substantia gelatinosa neurons (Melnick et al 2004)
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Ionic conductances underlying excitability in tonically firing neurons (TFNs) from substantia gelatinosa (SG) were studied by the patch-clamp method in rat spinal cord slices. ... Suppression of Ca2+ and KCA currents ... did not abolish the basic pattern of tonic firing, indicating that it was generated by voltage-gated Na+ and K+ currents. ... on the basis of present data, we created a model of TFN and showed that Na+ and KDR currents are sufficient to generate a basic pattern of tonic firing. It is concluded that the balanced contribution of all ionic conductances described here is important for generation and modulation of tonic firing in SG neurons. See paper for more and details.
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  • Melnick IV, Santos SF, Szokol K, Szûcs P, Safronov BV (2004) Show Other
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