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Simple model of barrel-specific segregation in cortex (Lu et al 2006)
Mice with a loss-of-function mutation of calcium/calmodulin-activated adenylyl cyclase I (AC1) - barrelless mice - have strikingly abherrent cortical development: the thalamic afferents into the barrel cortex do not segregate into whisker-specific barrels. Our paper investigates the link between this mutation and the "barrelless" phenotype, and demonstrates that the loss-of-function mutation leads to deficits in presynaptic mechanisms at the thalamocortical synapse. How might presynaptic deficits disrupt whisker-specific segregation in the barrel cortex? We used a model to demonstrate one possibility: decrease in the release probability at the thalamocortical synapse (which is observed in the barrelless mutant) can influence the balance between LTP and LTD (in favor of LTD), which can disrupt whisker segregaton. Though how this occurs is easily explained with a conceptual model (described succinctly in the associated paper), we also produced a computational simulation of this phenomenon.
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