Pathological mechanism
Abeta modulates A current (HEK293 cells)
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  • Amyloid beta peptide as a physiological modulator of neuronal 'A'-type K(+) current. Show Other
"Control of neuronal spiking patterns resides, in part, in the type and degree of expression of voltage-gated K(+) channel subunits. Abeta is a modulator of Kv4 subunit expression in neurones at both the functional and the molecular level. Thus Abeta is not only involved in Alzheimer pathology, but is also an important physiological regulator of ion channel expression and hence neuronal excitability." (Plant LD et al. 2005)
  • Blockage of the hyperpolarizing A-type K+ channels makes the dendrites more excitable Show Other
  • A-type K+ channel block makes dendrites more excitable Show Other
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