Pathological mechanism
Inhibition of I_L impairs LTP in CA1 in vivo
  • Inhibition of L-type voltage dependent calcium channels causes impairment of long-term potentiation in the hippocampal CA1 region in vivo. Show Other
A reduced level of LTP could still be recorded following co-administration of verapamil and D-AP5. The level of LTP recorded was similar to that observed in the presence of either verapamil (10 mg/kg) or D-AP5 alone. These results suggest that activation of the NMDA receptor/channel and L-type VDCCs are involved in the induction of LTP in area CA1 in vivo. However, it appears that activation of other receptor/channels may also play a role in this form of LTP. (Freir DB, Herron CE 2003)
Exclude - No pathology
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