Neuronal Transmitters
  • Neocortex V1 interneuron basket PV GABA cell Show Other
to other GABAergic interneurons
  • Layer-4 basket cell axons make lateral connection isotropically near cell body ( 50 microm radius), but beyond this core region, anisotropically, preferably within a particular angular sectors cell body Show Other
  • GABA inactivation of large-basket cells of visual cortex resulted in weakened orientation and direction selectivity, via weakening of long-range lateral inhibition by the basket cells Show Other
  • GABAergic interneurons (basket cells, dendrite-targeting cells, and double-bouquet cells) form reciprocally interconnected intracortical networks in which basket cells play a prominent role, given the strength of innervation and the proximal placement of synapses by basket cells to their postsynaptic targets Show Other
  • Layer 4 basket cells in cat visual cortex receive excitatory input from neighboring spiny neurons, resulting in large excitatory EPSPs. One third of spiny cell-smooth cell pair were connected reciprocally (postsynaptic targets include local spiny stellate, pyramidal cells, as well as smooth neurons), but the postsynaptic IPSPs evoked by basket cells are slower, GABAergic, probably of GABAA type Show Other
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