Neuronal Receptors
  • Neocortex V1 interneuron basket PV GABA cell Show Other
from other GABAergic interneurons
  • GABA inactivation of large-basket cells of visual cortex resulted in weakened orientation and direction selectivity, via weakening of long-range lateral inhibition by the basket cells Show Other
  • Most layer 2/3 pyramidal neurons and interneurons received inhibitory input (presumably GABAergic) from neighboring interneurons in layer 2/3 Show Other
  • GABAergic interneurons (basket cells, dendrite-targeting cells, and double-bouquet cells) form reciprocally interconnected intracortical networks in which basket cells play a prominent role, given the strength of innervation and the proximal placement of synapses by basket cells to their postsynaptic targets Show Other
  • Analysis of synaptic input to layer 4 basket cells show that 79% of symmetric synapses could have originated from other layer 4 basket cells. Soma and proximal dendrites received 76% of all the symmetric synapses Show Other
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