Neuronal Receptors
  • Neocortex V1 interneuron basket PV GABA cell Show Other
from thalmic afferents, layer 6 pyramidal cells, and spiny stellate cells
  • Layer 2/3 fast-spiking interneurons (most of which are basket cells) received the strongest excitatory input (presumably glutamatergic) from layer 4 Show Other
  • Layer 4 basket cells in cat visual cortex receive excitatory input from neighboring spiny neurons, resulting in large excitatory EPSPs. One third of spiny cell-smooth cell pair were connected reciprocally (postsynaptic targets include local spiny stellate, pyramidal cells, as well as smooth neurons), but the postsynaptic IPSPs evoked by basket cells are slower, GABAergic, probably of GABAA type Show Other
  • Layer 4 basket cells in cat visual cortex receive asymmetric synapses from layer 6 pyramidal (~43%), the spiny stellate (44%) and thalamic afferents (13%) Show Other
  • Dual recording from pyramidal cell-basket cell pairs reveal unitary EPSPs in basket cells mediated by one and two synaptic junctions. The unitary EPSPs have fast rising time and short time duration. Closely timed (10-50 ms) pairs of presynaptic action potentials resulted in statistically significant paired-pulse depression. The reliability of transmission is high, but the fast time course of the EPSPs constrains their temporal summation. Due to the relatively small amplitude of unitary EPSPs several convergent inputs will therefore be required to elicit suprathreshold responses. Show Other
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