Neuronal Transmitters
  • Neocortex V1 interneuron basket PV GABA cell Show Other
with spiny neurons (reciprocally)
  • GABA is a neurotransmitter used by basket cells or clutch cells Show Other
  • Basket cells make synaptic contact with pyramidal and spiny stellate cells preferentially on the somata (50%) and dendritic shaft (45%), but synapses on dendritic spines are also present (4.9%). IPSPs elicited in the postsynaptic cells have short latency, fast rising time and short duration, similar to those mediated by GABAA receptors Show Other
  • Layer 4 basket cells in cat visual cortex receive excitatory input from neighboring spiny neurons, resulting in large excitatory EPSPs. One third of spiny cell-smooth cell pair were connected reciprocally (postsynaptic targets include local spiny stellate, pyramidal cells, as well as smooth neurons), but the postsynaptic IPSPs evoked by basket cells are slower, GABAergic, probably of GABAA type Show Other
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