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Spiking neuron model of the basal ganglia (Humphries et al 2006)
A spiking neuron model of the basal ganglia (BG) circuit (striatum, STN, GP, SNr). Includes: parallel anatomical channels; tonic dopamine; dopamine receptors in striatum, STN, and GP; burst-firing in STN; GABAa, AMPA, and NMDA currents; effects of synaptic location. Model demonstrates selection and switching of input signals. Replicates experimental data on changes in slow-wave (<1 Hz) and gamma-band oscillations within BG nuclei following lesions and pharmacological manipulations.
  • Neostriatum medium spiny direct pathway GABA cell Show Other
  • Subthalamus nucleus projection neuron Show Other
  • Globus pallidus neuron Show Other
  • Abstract integrate-and-fire leaky neuron Show Other
  • Humphries MD, Stewart RD, Gurney KN (2006) Show Other
  • Humphries, Mark D [m.d.humphries at] Show Other
Subthalamic nucleus; globus pallidus
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