Computational model
Updated Tritonia Swim CPG (Calin-Jagemann et al. 2007)
Model of the 3-cell core CPG (DSI, C2, and VSI-B) mediating escape swimming in Tritonia diomedea. Cells use a hybrid integrate-and-fire scheme pioneered by Peter Getting. Each model cell is reconstructed from extensive physiological measurements to precisely mimic I-F curves, synaptic waveforms, and functional connectivity.
  • Calin-Jageman RJ, Tunstall MJ, Mensh BD, Katz PS, Frost WN (2007) Show Other
Tritonia Dorsal Swim Interneuron (DSI)
Calin0Jageman, RJ; Tunstall M; Mensh B; Frost WN; Katz PS;
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