Computational model
Fast-spiking cortical interneuron (Golomb et al. 2007)
Cortical fast-spiking (FS) interneurons display highly variable electrophysiological properties. We hypothesize that this variability emerges naturally if one assumes a continuous distribution of properties in a small set of active channels. We construct a minimal, single-compartment conductance-based model of FS cells that includes transient Na+, delayed-rectifier K+, and slowly inactivating d-type K+ conductances. The model may display delay to firing. Stuttering (elliptic bursting) and subthreshold oscillations may be observed for small Na+ window current.
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  • Golomb D, Donner K, Shacham L, Shlosberg D, Amitai Y, Hansel D (2007) Show Other
Fast-spiking cortical interneuron
Delay, stuttering
D. Golomb, K. Donner, L. Shacham, D. Shlosberg, Y. Amitai and D. Hansel (2007) Mechanisms of firing patterns in fast-spiking cortical interneurons. PLoS Comput. Biol. 3(8)}:e156, 1498-1512.
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