'Pathological mechanism' attributes with data related to other Datasets.

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Attribute Description Entries
Brain region Brain region where this is observed 5
Cell model Model Cell used in this investigation 10
Cellular compartment Event localized to cellular compartment 5
Channel(s) Channels involved in this process 6
Citation Publications where this mechanisms was discussed 38
Claim 11
Extracelular pathological element 20
Hypothesis 10
Intracelular pathological element 14
Neuron Neuron 7
Pathological action Pathological action 12
Pathology Pathology 1
Pharmacological Action Pharmacological Action 8
Pharmacological Agent Pharmacological Agent 33
Process Neuronal process involved 24
Process action Action on receptor or channel 10
Receptor(s) Receptor(s) involved in this process 10
Stage Pathological Stage 2
Transmitter(s) Transmitter(s) involved in this process 3