'Pathological mechanism' entries related to Claims'

Claims Pathological mechanism
A-type K+ channel block causes increased back-propagation of action potentials 1
A-type K+ channel block makes dendrites more excitable 3
Aß causes increased Ca++ influx by activation of L-type Ca++ channels 3
Aß influences neuronal excitability by effects on dendritic ion channels 1
Back-propagating action potentials influence LTP and LTD 1
Blockage of the hyperpolarizing A-type K+ channels makes the dendrites more excitable 3
Increased excitability can increase Ca++ influx causing synaptic effects and excitotoxicity 1
Loss/alteration of dendritic spines in early Alzheimer's 9
Pathological plaques and tangles in Alzheimer's are primarily in and around dendrites 1
Shepherd Dendritic Hypothesis 1
Soluble Aß affects CA1 Hippocampal neurons by action on A-type channels 1