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Cell Name: Cochlea hair outer cell
Property: Current: I K
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All cells recorded from expressed IKCa and IK. In a small subset of cells, IK was replaced by an IA. It is suggested that the kinetic properties of the ionic currents argue against electrical tuning (Smotherman MS and Narins PM, 1999 [frog]273 ).. Most cells possessed a slowly activating IK, which is approximately 80% inactive at rest. The amplitude of total outward current increased in a gradient along the tonotopic axis (Pantelias AA et al, 2001 [chick]272 ). Using a whole chick (Gallus domesticus) basilar papilla preparation, a map of changes in potassium currents of tall hair cells was produced. Whole-cell patch-clamp recordings were used to identify and characterize ionic currents in isolated cells.
272. Pantelias AA, Monsivais P and Rubel EW. (2001) Tonotopic map of potassium currents in chick auditory hair cells using an intact basilar papilla. Hear Res 156:81-94.
273. Smotherman MS and Narins PM. (1999) The electrical properties of auditory hair cells in the frog amphibian papilla. J Neurosci 19:5275-92.